The Healing Circle

Established in September 2007, The Healing Circle is a local complementary therapist support group.  We meet up once a month for informative talks on all areas of complementary health care, to swap information and ideas and generally be supportive to each other.  Its a great way to meet like-minded people, learn about new developments in healthcare, have a cup of tea and a general chin-wag.

The group is open to everyone – complementary therapists and anyone interested in complementary healthcare so please feel free to come along and join us.

The group is accredited by the FHT – The Federation of Holistic Therapists ( and by coming along you can earn those much needed CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points.
For further information on the group, please contact Anne Huckerby on 07985 421334.

For meeting times and venues, see below:

Date:  Wednesday 15th  September 2010

Venue: The Brick Room, Main Street, Linton. DE12 6PZ

Topic: The Sweat Lodge Experience by Jason Sewell

Jason Sewell is a Tai Chi Instructor and spiritual healer and runs various workshops as well as the Sweat Lodges throughout the year.

The Sweat Lodge Experience is an insight into the ancient purification ceremony and its holistic benefits to individuals and communities. “The Sweat Lodge has a strong connection to creation the lodge itself representing the womb of mother earth and the volcanic stones representing our ancestors.”

Jason Sewell from Turtle Lodge Healing has been running sweat lodges for the last 7 years at Bestwood Country Park.


Date:  Wednesday 13th October 2010

Venue:  As Above

Topic:  Aura-Soma by Robert Brown

Welcome back to Robert Brown to give us a fascinating talk on Aura-Soma.  Aura-Soma is a healing system designed to work on the mind, body and spirit as a whole.  It is a non intrusive therapy and differs from most others, since it is the client that actually chooses the remedy.  This self-selection remedy is initiated by the client choosing from a selection of colours.

The dual-coloured bottles are filled with dynamic, living energies – those of colour, herbal extracts, essential oils, gems and crystals.  Colour is the key to linking the vibratory power of these ingredients, and through the colours you will discover that Aura-Soma is a mirror of your soul. 


Date: Wednesday 10th November 2010

Venue: as above

Topic: General/networking night

These nights are very informal and a good opportunity to have your say about how the group is run and any ideas you may have to improve the group.  We welcome all suggestions and the input we get from members is always taken on board.  So please support these nights.  Come and have a chat and a drink and get to know your fellow therapists.


Date: Wednesday 8th  December 2010

Venue: as above

Topic: Fire cupping by Debbie Hodgson

Debbie is qualified in Chinese Therapies as a practitioner and tutor. She teaches cupping, moxibustion, tongue and face diagnosis, facial diagnosis and accupressure for the Penny Price Academy.

Because the subject of Chinese therapy is so wide and varied, Debbie has decided to give us a demonstration on fire cupping and moxibustion.

Debbie says “I presume that most people will want to know how the treatments feel as well as see them demonstrated. These are easiest demonstrated on the back so it would be ideal to wear something that will lift up easily or take off. I use oils too so no good underwear or clothing!!!”

I am sure that we will have an interesting and informative night.


Date: Wednesday 12th  January 2011

Venue: as above

Topic: Astrology by Dianne Woodward

Dianne is one of our regular members and has kindly agreed to give a talk on astrology.  Astrology is such a huge subject and as such we can only cover a small part of it at our meetings.  Dianne has asked that you either email or let me have your date of birth, time of birth and location before the end of November so that she can prepare our individual Birth Charts to have a look at and hopefully interpret on the evening.