7 things you should know about men’s sexual health and diabetes

Diabetes can affect men’s sexual health. It can eventually affect your relationship if you don’t do something about it. Diabetes is a chronic disease and some people suffer a lot when their diabetes is not controlled. When sex becomes another problem, life turns out to be miserable. Here are some of the things you should know about diabetes and men’s sexual health.


Testosterone level decreases

Due to high sugar level, the testosterone level may decrease. Testosterone is a male hormone that produces sperm. So, it can affect your sexual drive and lead to low libido.


Erectile dysfunction

Diabetes often leads to nerve and artery damage. So, the blood cannot flow properly. Erectile dysfunction can occur because of this condition. You can get erectile dysfunction advice from the doctor and take some medication for it. Here are some medications that are available.


Physical condition

Diabetes patients often have fatigue and get depressed. They don’t feel energized; as a result, cannot get into the mood of having sex. Instead of having sex always at night, you can try having it in the morning or afternoon when your energy level is very high.


Diabetic neuropathy

This is a type of nerve damage that results in numbness in the genitals can also cause erectile dysfunction. So, getting orgasm becomes difficult and sex becomes painful.


Lack of intimacy

When your partner acts as a caregiver for your diabetic condition, you may not find it very romantic. Your view about the person changes and this might affect your sexual relationship.



Diabetic patients need to take different medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Some of these medications can affect their sexuality. You should ask the doctor to give you alternative medication.


Retrograde ejaculation

In this condition, semen is not ejaculated from the penis, but into the bladder. This happens as the internal sphincter muscles don’t work properly due to a high level of glucose in the blood.

When you have diabetes and notice that you are having a problem in your sex life, you should talk to your partner first. You should communicate about your problem and try to find a solution for it. You can visit the doctor and get medication to treat your condition. You may also need psychological therapy to deal with the situation. Having diabetes doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have sex anymore. You can change your lifestyle, eat healthy food and do regular exercise to improve your condition.