Andrew Colclough

Andrew Colclough (BA Hons) MICHT

Andrew is in his third year of study for a diploma in Shiatsu. He is also a qualified massage therapist.

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy, based on the principal that vital energy flows throughout the bode in a series of channels called meridians. According to this principal our health is affected when this energy stops flowing freely. Shiatsu practitioners use thumb and palm pressure, stretching and other techniques to restore the balance of energy.

Common conditions that may be treated by Shiatsu practitioners include back pain, headache and migraine, whiplash injuries and neck stiffness, joint pain and reduced mobility, menstrual and digestive problems, asthmatic symptoms, sports injuries and depression. Shiatsu is a truly holistic therapy and aims to treat all aspects of a person’s physical and emotional heath.

Andrew is currently a student practitioner of Shiatsu and offers treatments at a reduced rate in order to undertake regular practice for his diploma.

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