Belinda Richards

Belinda Richards 

  • is an Integrative psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and life coach qualified in several psycho-therapeutic disciplines.
  • is a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (which was established in 1971 and is recognised by the British Medical Association), the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and the Advanced Association of Meridian Therapists.
  • adheres to a strict code of ethics, up-dates her skills annually in post-graduate courses.
  • her approach is holistic, taking into account each person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • holds Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Tel: 01283 216141
Mob: 07919 173055

Lesley Alcock

My name is Lesley Alcock and I live with my partner and two grown-up children.

I have been a nurse for 26 years and have in the recent past been employed as a consultant for a local private slimming company, providing individualised weekly menu plans.

I have had a weight problem throughout my adult life, so, after attending various groups and clubs I am now embarking on my ambition of running my own using scientifically proven methods of weight loss.

In my ‘day job’ I care for people who have suffered a stroke. Many of these people are overweight or obese which may have contributed to them having a stroke. Their weight issues will certainly impede their rehabilitation.

It is with this in mind, and the adage that prevention is better than cure, that I hope to encourage and support clients in achieving their ideal weight and to continue that support, encouraging them to make healthy choices into the future.

I will be providing one-to-one 15 minute sessions with the option of planning your own menus, with support and guidance, or having a weekly menu taylored to suit your lifestyle. The registration session will be 30minutes to allow for an adequate assessment of your individual needs.